Episode 12

On location: Erbil, Kurdistan; A multi-faith community responds in crisis


November 4th, 2019

1 hr 52 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

After the United States withdraws troops from Kurdistan, precipitating a brutal invasion of the region by Turkey, John Pinna travels with Father John Anderson (Greek Orthodox) to the region. While in Erbil, "Halal John" and Father John share their on the ground perspective with Matt.


  1. A previously flourishing multi-faith community
  2. Successful multifaith action hasn't been recognized, now it's being destroyed.
  3. Catastrophic humanitarian crisis.


  • John Pinna wonders why he hears basically the same theological explanations from Greek Orthodox and Baptists.
  • And he finally gets an answer about "Jesus' abs" (why do displays of Jesus on the cross typically depict Christ as having a very defined, muscular abdomen?).
  • We skip a rock across the distinctives of the Greek Orthodox Church.

Photos from their trip available here.

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