Episode 119

Rabbi David Rosen


May 27th, 2024

40 mins

Season 9

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About this Episode

JT Pinna interviews Rabbi David Rosen. The conversation revolves around the Abrahamic Family House, a remarkable multi-faith complex in Abu Dhabi that houses a mosque, church, and synagogue side by side. Rabbi David Rosen, who serves as an advisor to the initiative, provides an in-depth overview of the complex, discussing its architectural design, functioning worship spaces, and the vision behind promoting religious pluralism and mutual respect. He highlights the complex's educational and interfaith programming aimed at combating prejudice and fostering understanding among different faiths. The conversation also touches upon Rosen's personal journey and motivations for engaging in multi-faith peacemaking efforts, as well as practical suggestions for individuals interested in exploring interfaith dialogue and cooperation in their own communities.

Rabbi David Rosen:

The Abrahamic Family House

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