Episode 65

Multi-faith Christmas seasons and the end of 2021


December 23rd, 2021

55 mins 24 secs

Season 7

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Matt and John recap life drama from 2021 and swap Christmas traditions.
Plus: Taking Halloween seriously. What states are actually in America? And a close call with the Prince of Wales.

00:00:00 Opening Chat
00:03:20 Matt's Year
00:13:00 John's Year
00:19:50 John's Christmas Traditions
00:25:00 On St. Nicholas
00:26:25 Matt's Christmas Traditions
00:28:50 Christmas Favorites
00:33:44 On Halloween
00:35:30 The Incarnation Problem
00:43:00 Come Visit America
00:47:50 The Prince of Wales

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