Special Guest: Robert Nicholson | Islam is different, and that's ok


December 11th, 2019

47 mins 23 secs

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Robert Nicholson, president of The Philos Project, joins the show to talk about his article, "Islam is Different—and That’s Okay." Excerpts:

Islam is not Christianity; the Middle East is not the West. We share some things, yes, but there is no obvious reason why we should want to be the same. There is, in fact, a strong argument that pretended similarities will only frustrate real coexistence.

The argument is simple: Islam is not Hebraic because it makes no place for the Hebrew Bible. The three religions also lack a common discourse because they do not share a common text. The degree to which America was inspired by Hebraic sources is directly proportional to America’s cultural disconnect from the Islamic world.

As a Muslim, John both appreciated the article and wanted to challenge some of the points. Listen in and tell us what you think!

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