Atheism among Muslims and more on vaccine exemptions


November 1st, 2021

43 mins 44 secs

Season 7

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John and Matt discuss: Is it actually possible to be both a Muslim and an atheist? Plus: Should Christians use religious exemptions to avoid the COVID vaccine?

00:00:18 Opening Chat
00:04:30 Atheism Article Intro
00:05:00 Atheism VS Agnosticism
00:07:00 An Atheist Muslim would be like a unicorn.
00:08:00 Exception: No God but God
00:09:30 Nihilism
00:10:30 Reza Aslan (Continued)
00:12:00 Ali A. Rizvi and a clarification of terms
00:14:00 The inverted perspective of doomsday cults
00:16:00 Mu'tazila
00:20:00 Hitchins and the bias toward Western religions
00:22:00 Non-practicing Muslims
00:25:30 Atheist Muslims: Conclusions
00:30:00 Religious exemptions for COVID-19 vaccines
00:35:00 Fauci and the Muslim Perspective
00:39:00 COVID and Doughnuts

Atheism Among Muslims is Spreading Like Wildfire

No God But God by Reza Aslan


The Atheist Muslim by Ali Rizvi

Religious Exemptions Threaten to Undermine US COVID Vaccine Mandates

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